About Me

A snippet of me . . .


Hmmmm . . . what could you possibly want to know?

I’m a daughter, sister, cousin, godmother, loyal friend, avid traveler, voracious explorer, and newbie children’s book author among many other things.

I love to laugh, smile, eat, sleep, read, write, and discover (but not necessarily in that order).

I’m a dog lover, a chocolate eater, a seeker of beautiful words, affecting passages, art that makes me pause, music that wraps around my soul, and places that beg me to breathe.

But most of all, I search out anything that inspires and leaves a lasting mark.

I love finding these marks and inspirations in the unlikeliest of places—a deserted trail, a tiny village, a stranger’s smile, a whispered word . . .

If you hadn’t guessed, this blog is my corner for inspiration. Life is too short and too precious so try to leave an inspiring mark.



If you’re interested in learning more about me or my writing, please check out leahwrites.com.


                                  Thanks for stopping by.Sig_Leah




P.S.- I’m always eager to hear what’s your mark?