My Writing

My brain has more ideas than I have time (or material) to jot them down. That’s the bad part (all those missed journeys). The good part though is the adventures that are actually captured and make it onto an iPhone notes page, a gum wrapper, or any empty inch of a plane ticket. These stories and characters find their way into my heart and evidentially travel down through my fingertips and out onto a page (typed or handwritten depending on the hour and what’s nearby).

I have piles of tales—some long, some short, some completed, and some (most) in early stages. But here are a couple I’m ready to share:



Atheneum Books for Young Readers, Summer 2017

Middle Grade

Recently orphaned Mor and his sisters try to figure out their next steps in the world amidst bullying, and the threat of separation from their home and everything they love. Set in contemporary Senegal, One Shadow on the Wall is a story of family, unexpected friendships, courage, and outwitting one’s foe.




Middle Grade

More than anything, Ailey wants to be in the school play. But with playing videos games and searching out stars, he can hardly find the time to practice. And come audition day it shows. With a little advice from his grandfather and a special pair of tap shoes, Ailey figures out what it takes to be a star.